[ Retail & eCommerce ]

We know the challenges retailers face; that’s why top 1,000 internet retailers leverage DF's' data-driven instant delivery technology and full-service platform to acquire new customers, retain them, and increase the ROI.
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Customer Acquisition

Capturing a cusomter's order is the most important stage in beginning a relationship with your customer. Engagement should be frictionless, inviting, and simple for those new to your store or brands. DF will help you kick off your instant delivery efforts with class and style backed by proven results.

Suggested Configurations & Tools

  • Progressive Opt-In Forms
  • Referral Programs
  • Lightbox Modals
  • Social & Mobile Signup

Convert Customers

Once a customer started to browse your web site or App, providing the right delivery mechanism at the right time is critical to nurturing them to engage and purchase from you. DF can help you create the right lifecycle for all your insant, same day and last mile delivery to your customers.

Suggested Configuration & Tools

  • Welcome Series
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Never Purchased Series
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Preference Sites
  • Optimized Responsive Templates

Repeat Customers

Once a customer has engaged and made a purchase, it’s time to leverage the data you received. We can help you hone in on subscriber preferences to encourage further engagement with your stores, websites or mobile apps, leading to repeat purchases more frequently.

Suggested Configurations & Tools

  • Post-Purchase
  • Holiday Campaigns
  • Transactional Upsell
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell
  • RFM Based Campaigns

Loyalty & Raving Fans

Your customers are your most valuable asset, and those that love you will be your best advocate. Use the technology in DF to reward and incentivize your subscribers to share their experiences with others.

Suggested Configuration & Tools

  • Exclusive/First Look
  • Replenishment
  • Back-In-Stock
  • Birthday
  • VIP/Loyalty Series
  • Wishlist
  • Anniversary

Reactivate & Win Back

Customers become disengaged over time, but don't worry, DF can help you re-engage those who are slipping and remove those who are no longer viable. Through delivery automation tied to advanced segmentation, DF will help you define active and inactive customers, and automatically message those inactive customers properly to win them back.

Suggested Configurations & Tools

  • Lapsed/No Purchase
  • Direct Mail Alerts
  • Re-engagement Series
  • Optimized Unsubscribe/Opt-Down

Ecommerce Solutions

  • Mobile Optimized Retail Specific Templates
  • In-store Opt-in Forms
  • Social Posting, Sharing, and Analytics
  • Direct Ecommerce Platform Integrations
  • Relational Database Capabilities

Actionable Analytics

  • List Growth by Source
  • Customer Engagement Segments
  • ROI by Campaign
  • Trends over Period of Time
  • Aggregate Campaign Reports
  • Export for Easy Presentation