Our Story

Instant Delivery is evolving. Constantly. But the root of what makes a successful business has been, and always will be, the customer experience.

DelFoundry is a hallmark reverberation of quality, cost efficiency and quick delivery of orders, and a preferred neighbor by various enterprises of any segment and size that rely upon a partner to fulfill their instant delivery needs. We at DelFoundry largely invest in innovative solutions and our conscious efforts to stay in tune with the market demands to provide the best of the value to our customers.

With the current systems in place, every order delivery event generates data concealing a pattern, and we at DelFoundry leverage our capabilities to handle complex big data challenges to unleash the insights and the team's expertise in reinventing modular components helps to consort with any available IT infrastructure of our partners.

DelFoundry platform is designed as a simplified channel for tracking through near realtime data that proliferates from multiple order requests and make a smart match to accomplish the order delivery. The system analyses through all the complex parameters, along with the set configured attributes to address the best of delivery fulfillment.